For Meditation to be Effective We Must Have Faith?

    Some adept practitioners have described the effects of chanting or active meditation as an electric current that shoots up along their spinal cord and takes them to an inconceivable plane that is very difficult for them to describe with words, but can be transmitted by one’s complete being.

    In the word “Mantra” the syllable “tra” means the art of processing, the art of refining oneself to the highest aesthetic understanding.  This art of spiritually processing oneself should be free from worldly effort and effortlessness, which belong to the relative dualities.

    Even the inexperiencied and unfaithful benefit. Different studies have proven that during their practice of active meditation in their Power-Mantra, persons who did not believe in Mantras or in the chanting process also experienced changes ranging from a decrease in hormone levels related to stress, to a higher level of vital proteins.

    Therefore in the perfective stages of active meditation, one's power Mantra becomes alive and begins to repeat itself in the mind automatically, without effort. Before this stage you should awaken your power mantra using 108 bead meditation malas,  or mala beads to count and empower them during meditation. Practice with your mantra and mala beads for 40 days. After this period you can feel the power of the mala beads and then you can wear them to help the mantra become alive and repeat on its own.



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